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The Pacemaker Series, our flagship product, was developed for all booster applications and high end projects. Completely customizable to fit specific job requirements with the broadest range and most advance capabilities in the industry.


Ideal for variable speed pressure boosters, tank fill, rainwater collection, emergency water systems, and more. Previously designed for the ultra high end commercial market, now redesigned in 2016 to target any range of projects large or small. 


Product Range:

1 to 9 Pumps

1 to 250 HP Motors

208-230-460 Volt, Single & 3 Phase

Class 150 & Class 300 Systems

Any combination of control types:

  • Variable Speed

  • Across-the-line

  • Jockey

  • Variable Speed with Bypass




ARRA, Buy American

NSF 61-G

NSF 372 (Lead Free)

UL QCZJ Listed

UL508 Listed

MA State Approval


Vermont Act 193

Maryland Chapter 407, HB 372

ASME Certified Welders

NIST Certified Test Equipment







BACnet Integration - The Pacemaker Series now comes standard with BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP on board. No additional equipment required.

Dynamic Speed Control - Now on all products, Dynamic Speed Control (DSC), is a built in algorithm that automatically adjusts operational parameters based on the current incoming pressure to the system. Ideal for any application where suction pressure varies or has seasonal changes from the municipality. This eliminates all hunting and overshoot that occurs from the changes in incoming pressure, whether erratic or seasonal changes.

PLC Failure Circuit - Now on all products, if a PLC fails, the drives will automatically start at a default speed ensuring the building has water until repairs can be made. 

Variable Control Configuration  -  The Pacemaker Series can handle 1-9 pumps with any control type (Variable Speed, Across-the-line, Jockey, or VFD with Bypass) with intelligent alternation to group all control types and always sequence the system to use the most efficient groups first. 

Redundant Discharge Transducers  -  The Pacemaker Series now comes standard with two discharge transducers which allow for redundant operation and back up for low and high system pressure alarms.  

Fire Pump Package Series

All ANSI Flanged or Grooved Design

  • 304 Stainless Steel Header Pipe

  • 304 Stainless Steel Impellers

  • Three 316 Stainless Pressure Transducers

    • Two Redundant Discharge Sensors​

    • One Suction Transducer

  • 304 Stainless Steel Thermal Relief Valves

  • Heavy Duty Steel Base & Panel Stand

  • Industrial Enamel Coated 

  • Completely customizable to meet the application.

  • Factory Tested to Design Conditions

  • ABB ACH550 Variable Speed Drives

  • UL508A Listed Control Panel

  • Full BACnet Stack - MS/TP and IP

    • A full BACnet stack is provided as standard with 28 addresses and multi-value information.​ System comes with both BACnet MS/TP and IP support without the need for external gateways. All BACnet network information is field adjustable from the HMI.

  • Start Up Wizard 

    • Feature that will walk the user through all processes and critical settings to start the system up optimally. ​

  • Pressure Based Sequencing (Booster System Primary)

    • Designed specifically for maintaining constant pressure.

  • Event Log, 1000 Entries

    • Alarms, Pump Status, Parameter Changes, User Log Ins, etc...

  • System Trending, X-Y Graph

    • Plots Suction Pressure, System Pressure, and PID Speed

  • Password Protection

    • 5+ User Levels with the ability to add more.

  • Pressure Recovery Mode

    • Upon start up or dramatic pressure loss, system will slowly fill the building to reduce stress on the building piping and eliminate any hammering.

  • Sleep Mode

    • No flow detection and no flow shut down.

  • Quick Start, now with Dynamic Speed Control (DSC)

    • Upon waking from sleep mode, system will instantly ramp to a safe pressure and then continue to ramp up to maintain pressure. This feature ensures the fastest response time in maintaining pressure from an off position without overshooting.

  • Pump Interstaging

    • The interstage feature provides a time delayed sequence when pumps are either added or removed from operation. Upon a change in the quantity of pumps operating, a one shot timer will delay any successive starting or stopping of other pumps to allow proper settling time after the change is made. Once the interstage timer expires, adding or rejecting pumps by the normal methods is re-enabled. The addition of the interstage timer allows lag pumps to be available much faster by eliminating the need to add time to allow for system settling following a normal start or stop sequence.

  • ASHRAE 90.1

    • Algorithim to compensate for friction loss based on system demand.

  • Intelligent Alternation

    • If the system is equiped with constant speed bypass or is a PMH with both variable speed and constant speed pumps. The controller will automatically group all variable speed pumps together and run them all before sequencing on any less efficient constant speed pumps.

  • Generator Interlock 

    • When the system is tied into generator power, upon signal from the generator, will limit the number of pumps allowed run. Quantity of pumps is configurable through the HMI.

  • USB Support

    • Download parameters, event log, and trend data. As well as restore parameters from a USB back up.






Class Leader in User Interfaces

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