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Henry Vickery entered commercial mechanical and plumbing industry for a manufacturer's representative in 1967. From 1967 to 1984, Henry sold several different manufacturers booster systems including some of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

However, there were several problems that plagued all of the brands he sold. From construction, materials, to support... Henry knew there was a better way. So in 1984, he started VC Systems which quickly grew due to the changes Henry addressed. Systems have been sold nationally since inception.

While he corrected many issues that plagued reps and gained popularity within his small market there were still some additional innovations in creation. Variable speed technology started to pop up in the 90's commercially but was not very reliable and very expensive. Toward the mid 90's as quality rose and cost decreased, VC Systems adopted the technology and began expanding it. Today, we have the most advanced VFD boosters on the market.




EXPERIENCE - VC Systems has over 30 years experience in packaged pumping systems and over 15 years experience with variable speed booster systems.

CAPABILITY - VC Systems offers full design capabilities, custom 3D drawings, selections, and complete custom packages for all booster applications.

FOCUS - VC Systems' focus is domestic water booster systems and that is our forte. Our commitment is to be the industry leader for the booster market in technology, customer service, and deliver the highest quality product.

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